The Lobster Crane Game that is breaking all the rules and lets you catch your own meal!


             **** #1 Selling Lobster Game!

             ***First Lobster Game in N. America.

             ***Highest Quality Lobster Game.

This state-of-the-art attraction is built with the highest quality materials and a clean and inviting look that's designed to fit into any establishment. Enormously successful in restaurants, sports bars, clubs, bowling lanes, and grocery or convenience stores, The Lobster Zone is always a hit. In no time at all, The Lobster Zone creates a buzz around town and brings in new clientele looking for a fun, exciting and rewarding experience. 

The California Lobster Zone offers a great business opportunity for you in this break out niche and it is also great for the establishments that have the machine.The California Lobster Zone will create a buzz around town and drive customers to the machine bringing in new clientele to these forunate establishments. The result is a fun, wonderful and exciting experience for patrons

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