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The Lobster Zone Game Provides a Clean and Healthy Environment for

Restaurant Lobsters as well as Crustacean Education Opportunities for Players

Despite Animal Rights Organization’s Claims, Tanks Provide Best PossibleEnvironment for Restaurants Who Offer Fresh Lobster Supplies

Orange County, CA local animal rights activists, more restaurants than ever across the country are installing Lobster Zone games, similar to the plush toy claw games found in arcades and family restaurants, but which give players a chance to win a fresh live lobster, which is then prepared and cooked on the spot for the guests’ enjoyment.

The machines, which were designed in conjunction with marine biologists to ensure the animals’ utmost safety and health, are built with the most advanced technology in the business, providing a clean and accuratelytemperaturefound at seafood wholesalers and super markets.In response to the recent protests in California over the game, Gregg Schaeberle, president of The California Lobster Zone commented, “I respect the opinions of PETA, but they are misinformed when it comes to the environment we are providing for these lobsters that are being stored for consumption. The fact is, the game was designed specifically to ensure ahealthy and safe environment and we go out of our way to provide regulatedmaintenance for the owners to insure that the standards set in place by themarine biologists are strictly adhered to, and we only use factory trained service personnel to maintain the tanks.”

To keep the lobsters healthy prior to being prepared, the machines are fitted with plastic claws and powered by air compressors so that the animals are not exposed to any electricity or hard surfaces. Once a lobster is chosen, the clawslowly lowers the crustacean down a chute where it is placed – not dropped –into a holding area. Because the tanks are at the front of the establishment,the water is always crystal clear and oxygen infused, unlike some commercial kitchen environments that allow algae growth and bacteria to form in the tank.In addition, The Lobster Zone is presently in the process of making and installing educational signage near the games designed to help educatecustomers and restaurant staff about crustaceans and the environment in which they live.

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